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My 92 has been having running issues for a while and i finally got the codes pulled by a shop.
They told me the computer is posting these codes

110 - i think they ment 111 (system pass) since the haynes book does not have a 110
223- loss of dual plug inhibit (dpi) control.
224 - erratic ignition diagnostic monitor input to processor
341- octane adjustment service in use-
172 - lack of oxygen sensor (hego) switch indicates lean
218 - loss of ignition diagnostic monitor (idm) signal left side.

That is what the haynes book lists for the codes. Codes 172 makes sense, the car runs rough till warmed some and has idleing problems. Also on the freeway it would miss when i would lay on the gas in 5th gear. The rest of the codes look to be tied with the coil packs and maybe the ignition control module.
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