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92 Mustang turn signal problem

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Whats up guys?

I am new here. I have a 92 Ford Mustang, and I have a problem.

The cigarette lighter and the turn signals don't work, and also the interior lights or whatever they are called in the flip down console for the cigarette lighter work also.

Now, what i find odd about this situation is that all the interior stuff still works such as the dome light, the door lights, etc. so I have ruled out a "CTSY" fuse .

Also, I do not think it is a burned out bulb somewhere on the outside, because whenever I press the turn signal, it does not light up at all and I know usually that when it is a burned out bulb that the inside turn signal will light up but just wont flash.

ANY help will be appreciated on this.

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Ok, if it is the same problem that i had then its an easy fix. it's probly your flasher it's located on the pasenger side like under or to the left of the glove box. around where the sterio wires would be. its like 3 dollars for the flasher so it worth trying. i think my old one was green but who knows if its the same. good luck. laters
that is what i was thinking, but the fuse panel is located on the passenger side correct?
It's below the steering wheel on the left side , right under the a/c vent.

my 1990 flasher is behind the radio,89 and lower were on the left under the column
The easiest thing that causes this is not pulling the hazard switch out far enough, when turning them off. I've seen this in every Ford I've had. The lighter is on a different circuit.
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