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93 Cobra Heads?

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Well i was lucky enough to pick up a 93 cobra for $6500. When i looked at purchasing it i noticed it had a powerdine. Im not much into them but boost is boost. After getting it home replacing the plugs, cap, rotor, wires, and both drive belts i noticed that the car had aluminum heads on it. Seller didnt tell me that. Throw-out bearing failed eating up the input retainer so now the snake got a nice clutch upgrade. Centerforce stage 2, with a steeda adjustable clutch cable. Anyway i see no markings on the heads to indicate what kind they are odd but true. Anyone have any ideas?
93 cobra
113k miles
aluminum heads?
frpp headers
bbk X-pipe
powerdine bd-11
flomaster catback
steeda short shifter
steeda adjustable clutch
centerforce stage 2 clutch
cervini mach 1 hood
fludine radiator
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Nab a picture of any marks on the outside of them, there could be something we see to identify them.
93 cobra heads

I have looked for any marks on the front or rear of the heads like afr and edel do with their heads. I have yet to find any. One of my buddies told me that world heads dosent put a imprint on the front of their heads.
post some pics! And $6500 with powerdyne and Aluminum heads is a sweet deal if the car if in good shape, post a pic of that too!
93 cobra heads

The car is in unbelieveable shape ill post pics tommorow!
That is a steal man!
yeah i got it for a really good price had a few problems so far like the throw out bearing failed and screwed up the input retainer on the t-5 so it got a new clutch, adjustable cable, rear main seal since i was there and pilot bearing, along with the input retainer
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