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93 Issues and Questions

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Hello all, I have a 93 with 84k on it and having a few issues. First let me start by listing the current repairs.

Plugs and Wires
Coil packs
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Rail
Fuel Pump
S.S. Fuel Lines
Alt and Battery
Upper and lower intake removed cleaned and a mild polish
Various Vacuum lines
Clutch and input shaft
Rear end

Car was super bogged when I got it with 74k did the following work and ran 300% better. Problem is after it sits all night, it wont idle just bogs down. After about 2 mins of driving its fine, but then surges at idle from 1k-2k. I have read some similar threads but it seems they all end up with different fixes. Has anyone ever had this same issue, and know the fix? EGR? Anyway thank you guys for listening to me probs :) Thanks Chris
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Welcome to the forum.
1st any codes?
Do you have a vacuum leak?
Could be tps. Need to check it with meter for dead places.
Maybe egr valve leaking.
IAC [idle air control] leaks thru. Can take off and clean. [use carb cleaner only. Brake cleaner will destroy it. Don't ask how I know.]
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