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Hey Ya'll
I'm new to the forum. I now have 2 Mustangs as my Daughter just purchased a 2000. My issue is my 93 LX 4 cylinder. I made the mistake of running through a knee deep water to fast, didn't see it. Anyway, I was pushed out within a minute and waited for 2 hours for it to dry off. On the way home it sputtered a bit but cleared up by the next day. Now, two months later it's sputtering under a load in low gears. I'm thinking the O2 sensor is bad because it was most susceptible to the water. It has 2 ignition packs and have not had any previous problems. Could use any advise prior to playing musical parts. This car serves as a to and from work beater so I'm not going to drop a lot of money into it.
Thanks in advance,
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