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93 LX no fire Question

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Hi everyone, I have a 93 2.3 LX with DSI. The car stalled and died at
an intersection, never to restart again.

I've swapped out the ECM, Injection Module, Ignition Module and crank no avail, there's no fire on any of the plugs.

There's power to both DSI's, power to the Ignition and the ECM isn't generating any codes other than a coolant temp low signal.

I'm a bit stumped at this point and would gladly accept suggestions.

Thanks for your consideration.
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what about your starter?
Hi, I should have mentioned that the engine turns over just fine. The starter works, engine turns, plenty of fuel at the intake...just no plug fire.
ARdoller said:
what about your starter?
um try closing the gap on the end spark plug
Just start at the plug and work backwards. ground it to the block and check for a spark. No spark? Head back to the other end of the spark plug wire. Check the power into the wire at the iginition dist. module/distributor. Check the ground connections and in short, no pun intended, work your way back until you find fire. Then determine wether or not the part is faulty or it's a connetion to it. If you have spark at your plug and it still won't fire it becomes a timing issue. Or start at the other end, it's up to you...
Hi everyone, problem solved. I appreciate the input.

After having gone through all the motions of testing every link in the ignition chain, it occured to me that I had tested the crank sensor (dual hall type) disconnected from the system. So I went back and looked at the outputs
while hand cranking the engine...and discovered that there was no output and only 4 volts on the B+.

To make a long story short, the "mustang expert" at the local ford dealer
miswired the crank-sense connector...then spent a 2 weeks trying to get the car to run before giving up. I had a little chat with the dealer and there's a labor/parts refund waiting for me to pick up tomorrow.

Thanks again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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