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93 mustang clutch problems

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installed another t5 transmission in the car and i can shift fine while the car is off and now when i crank up the car it will not shift at all i have a aftermarket quadrant and adjuster and i still cant get it when i try to put the shifter in gear the car moves forward
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Seems like you have no clutch function. Correct me if I'm wrong but when you try to put the shifter into first(which it doesn't go in) the car starts to move forward a little? If so your clutch isn't disengaging.

So I would start by first safely jacking up the car and checking that clutch fork to make sure it's properly inserted into the pivot stud. It shouldn't move up and down with some light tugging. Now would be a good time to make sure the T/O bearing is sliding properly by using a breaker bar to pry to clutch fork into disengagement.

To tighten up the clutch cable at the firewall rotate the adjuster clockwise into the firewall to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen it. If your clutch fork is on right and the firewall adjuster is fully tightened then the last thing to check is to make sure the clutch cable is in the correct hook IF you have a double hook quadrant.

If after all this there is still no clutch function my guess would be your clutch cable is too long or is stretched out beyond use.

This is assuming your clutch and flywheel are still good.
If your replacing your cable I highly recommend the maximum motorsports clutch cable. A bit pricy but this is one thing that you don't want to buy cheap.
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