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'94 Cobra stored 5+ years returning to the road.

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Doing this project with my son, the car is in great shape, but it hasn't been driven in years. Changed out all the fluids, flushed the cooling system and crankcase, replaced the cap rotor and filters. Wondering if there is something I missed. Any thoughts?
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Two things off the top of my head would be go over the brakes and check the tires for dry rot.
Depending on how well it runs on start up you might want to replace fuel filter a few times after you get it on the road and go through a couple of tank fulls of gas.That is, unless you drained old gas from tank.
As said above check the brakes, and all the lines! Also maybe pull the plugs and check those out as well.
I'm planning to go through the brakes thuroughly here soon, and definately new tires will be soon after. Did the plugs, and will agaian as I get the old fuel burned off. Didn't drain the fuel, but will be replacing the fuel filter soon.

Thanlks for the thoughts...
Yea no problem toss a can of seafoam in there with the old gas to stabilize it. Just a thought.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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