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94 gt's ?

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Does anyone have a 1994 gt with mods on it that can list them and tell me there best quarter mile time? I have an automatic 1994 gt mustang convertable with a k&n intake and underdrive pulleys and ran a 15.2 at moroso! what should it be running ? :?:
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Not bad for your mods. A guy in here with a red vert '94/95 ran a 15.7 @ 90 with more mods than you have.

I have a '94 GT with the mods in the sig. 14.81 is the best I ran. What are your 60ft times? I ran a 15.6 with a 2.49 60ft, and with more traction ran a 14.81 with a 2.27 60ft. Your car stock probably is supposed to run 15.5 to 15.8, so with only pulleys and k/n, you're looking pretty good. That's my 2 cents.
hechtrod out
time slip

i'm looking at my time slip right now...and my R/T was a .346 and my 60' was 2.301.,,,, 1/4 was a 15.252 at 92.21 mph!
No Way, Hechtrod!!!!!!! . . lol

He has more horsepower mods. All I have is the MAC cold air . .. he has pulleys!!

And . . it was over 100 degrees and HUMID as heck when I ran . . . lol

I can't wait for my BLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evillol:
94GT, 5spd

BBK Shorties
O/R X-pipe
Bassani Catback
FRPP 3.73's
Steeda Tri-ax
Kirban UDP's
Smog Delete
180* Stat/12* Timing

[email protected] on Kumho street radials shifting @ 5000rpm each gear. I believe the 60' was around 2.18

That was last years best time. I haven't run this year yet with the new mods.
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14.3 at 98.6mph.....and my car has 160,000
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