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96 Cobra never seem to warm up

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Since I bought my 96 Cobra I noticed that the engine temperature is almost always cold (as in, as far left on the gauge as possible) even after driving on the freeway for 30mins. It looks like it's moving a little bit when driving for 30mins or more, so it does look like the gauge is working but even then it's still very far on the left side.

At first I thought it was a good thing that my car would never overheat, but now I realize that it also means that the engine never reach optimal running temperature.

Where on the gauge should it normally be when driving normally? And how long should that take?

I am guessing it's probably the thermostat that needs to be replaced.
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Mine was also doing this, thought might be gauge or t-stat, I used a heat stick on the engine and it was running cool so it was the t-stat. Or you can try the heater, at normal temp the heater blows real hot, at low end of the gauge it is blowing warm to cool air. If its warm or cool than your t-stat is stuck open.
That's a great tip, thanks. I'm going to try that (heater at max temperature/ max power, I assume?)!
Yes max temp on heater dial, if your temp gauge is very low and your heater is blowing warm to cool air, your t-stat is stuck open. Of course you need to drive the car around to make sure it had time to heat up, at least 5 miles.
I didn't think cars in California had heaters? Lol:heha:
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