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96 mustang mettalic ping

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Just completed the Pi swap. I am having an issue with turning the motor over ny hand every once in awhile I get a mettalic ping ir snap from the passenger sure took off the valve cover and three seems to be nothing hitting or snapping back. I took the oil filtre off to check for metal shavings and there was none I put a magnet in the hole from the motor and still no shavings the oil www changed after the swap to jeep the coolant out of the motor. It seems to be coming from #1 cylinder. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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I have a video of the noise bit I dont know how to post it
when you change heads and chains , the ford book says , turn the motor with the starter over with the injectors unhooked until the oil gauge goes up before starting
I did have ir running bit after a rattle I shut ir down instantly that invoked the teardown I am gonna recheck the timing on the passenger sure ejem i get home.
Timing seems Fine bit number 6 exhqust follower is not touching the cam when it is relaxed all bolts are torqued correctly
you need lash adjusters. the rocker should be touching the cam. the lash adjuster is spring loaded and should always make the rocker touch the cam then with oil pressure it will not move up or down with out lifting the valve. so you have a collapsed lifter. if there is 1 there will be more as it is colapsed from crud in the lifter . check them all
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Update number 6 exhaust valve collided with piston.
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