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Hello All,
I have recently started on the task of swapping a 4.6 engine into my V6. I purchased a donor car and am about 50% through the swap (engines out, wiring transferred, etc.). I have seen several different threads saying that I need to switch the pedal assemblies for the vehicles. Both cars are manuals and the assemblies appear to be the same but I have seen that they need to be switched. Currently, I have swapped the hydroboost from the V8 into the V6 and it appears to fit fine but I wasn't sure if there was some difference that I should be aware of.

Any help would be great!

PS: I should note that both cars are from the same year (1996)

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I can’t really help you with engine swap details, but I will say this …

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I can't see why Ford would manufacture two different clutch pedal assemblies or throttle pedal assemblies for the same year and model car especially for a car without electronic throttle. Brake pedals usually differed between automatic and manuals with a smaller brake pedal when there's also a clutch but that's the only difference I could imagine other than something different with the hydraboost for the brakes.
What is the reason that someone said the pedal assemblies had to be swapped and which pedals are you referring to exactly?
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