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96 v6

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I have a 96 v6 i has started to start rough and a rough idle I put in new plugs and air fliter it has 120,000 on it any ideas why it is doing this
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if the temp is good could it still be head gaskets
I bought a new fuel filter today and am going to put it in tonight , i have power I bought it in aug. and it didn't have this problem just the last few weeks when i got it I had a new belt and pully put in and also had the tranny done (flushed, and new filter put in if I rember it took 12 or 13 quarts of fluid) like I said it has 120,000 on it what else should I due

thanks in advance
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i thought of that but i was looking for something different first hand advice thats why I am at this site
I am not the first owner did all the fluid changes and belt
did not do the wires yet will do this weekend
to clean the maf how do I do that never did it before
thank you for all the help
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