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98 4.6L rattle under acceleration. need help!

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hey guys!
ok so when i drive normally, shift a 2k, everythings great. But i just so happen to see a ws6 today and dropped a gear and started to hear a rattleing sount. happens at any rpm range when i give it a little push. loudest at higher rpm.
any ideas?:worship
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Would think Exhaust leak or spark knock. To check for exhaust leak get a ball of rags and while the car is at idle. Stuff them in the tail pipe and have a friend hold them. Listen for any leaks. Car will not stall as it will still breath but will increase back pressure making any exhaust leak louder.

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Sounds like detonation.

What mods are done to the car? Is it tuned? What gas do you use?

As mentioned above, it could be a minor exhaust leak; but usually though that sound manifests itself as sounding like a head tick and is audible at idle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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