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98' convertible rear window issues

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Hey all,

have a problem with the rear passenger-side window. It rolls down, but won't roll back up. I was able to get to the motor and this is what i found:

when i press the "down" button, the motor operates like it should. when i press the "up" button, nothing happens.

So my question is: is the motor going bad? or is it the switches?

I know it can't be the fuse because the driver's side windows and the front passenger side window works just fine.

thanks for the help!

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Its possible its in the arm assembly, or it could be a wirring problem.

Can you pull the window up by hand while pushing the up button? It could be the linkage bound up, or the cable is tied up on something or what not.

It could still be the switch as well.
I did try to manilupate the gear to get the window up, but had no luck. I'll have another chance at it this afternoon to take a closer look.

My main concern is the motor though, when i found that the "window-up" button wasn't working, i had taken it off the car and was holding it in my hand.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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