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98 GT, Grind into Third Gear - Five Speed

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Tonight, I noticed that at high RPM's, I get a grind when going into third. This happened mainly when I am runnin the car hard. As in, about 50-60mph from 2nd to 3rd. I did kinda notice that if I pushed on the left side of the 3rd gear selection it happened more then when I tried to hit the right side of the slot.

Now, there is a blown out motor mount on the passenger side of the car. It literally is sitting lopsided to the passenger side. Could this be causing this problem? I am gonna put the new motor mount in tomorrow. The car has had a P71 Engine Swap...
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Great. And obviously if I keep pushin it, it'll blow out 3rd. Great.

How Long do you think it'll last?
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