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98 mustang 3.8 odd acceleration problem

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I just got this v6 98 mustang 5 speed. 154xxx miles, the car in neutral will shake, then on take off it loses power alot of power. Then when i mash it to the floor it then waits a few seconds and catchs, grabbing its actual acceleration back, until i get to 4th gear, then it starts hesitating again, until i down shift into 3rd and mash it again. I cant figure out the problem. I was thinking fuel regulator, or fuel pump. Has new coil, plugs with .50 gap, plug wires, air filter. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. -Ron
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Sounds like a vacuum leak---------CAREFULLY spray some carb cleaner along the intake track, all the way to the lower intake....BUT first make sure the plug wires are NOT arching
Consider performing a compression test to find out the base motor's health before replacing a ton of parts.
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