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99-04 lifespan

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Whats the lifespan on a 99-04 Mustang GT if treated decently? I'm looking at getting a new car and despite my love for LS1s I really cant afford one, but I have found a few very affordable mustang GTs
does anyone think this is a pretty good deal? I thought it was amazing, considering theres nothing wring with it...

BTW, if the pic doesn't appear jsut click the "view larger photo" button. And I'm not a big fan of the wheels so don't jump on my case.
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Looks like a pretty good deal to me, just make sure they're not 44,000 beat it to death miles.
The rims on that Mustang are FUGLY , but it looks nice overall ! IT should last a lone time if you dont beat the **** out of it !
Like Larry said make sure its not beat !
44K is nothing really on that motor as long as the oil has been changed in it regularly.
Sounds like a good price. The only red flag to me would be the fact that it has Flowmasters and rims that are way too big -- it *might* mean that it's been abused. And actually the big rims are the scarier part. I've heard that rims that big can cause serious suspension problems on cars that aren't designed for it.

Maybe I'm just leery of buying non-stock cars -- I wouldn't buy my car if I didn't know me, just because of the mods that are in it. I don't beat my car up, but I would have to assume that someone looking to buy my car would think that I drive it "hard."
Is it an auto or 5 speed? It does look like a good deal if it checks out ok. I would insist on getting the stock wheels with it and sell the big bling blings. When I buy cars I take them to a mechanic and have them inspected and ask what type of stuff goes bad and how much repairs are. I used to have 93 Caddy STS, it cost $500 to replace the starter, it was inside the oil valley. I would even run a carfax report because that price seems way to low for a low mileage GT.
yeah, I know a forum where I can ask people with unlimited carfax accounts to research it for me, But if that checked out it'd be a great deal. It's about half as much as the cheapest Z28 I could find with equal miles. And WS6s are more $ than SS Z28s so the GT stang keeps sounding like a much better deal until I'm out of college.
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