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'99 Axle Seals ???

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Hi All, I'm actually the caretaker for my brothers '99 GT Conv during the winter months (sheltering it from the torture of a Lake Erie winter. While it is basking in the snowless GA winter) I am taking this opportunity to clean-up some of it's general maintenance issues. One of which is the need to replace the rear axle seals. I've followed the tech manuals as to the removal of the axles but have gotten stuck right in the middle.....the middle of the differential that is.....How in the world do you remove the Pretension Spring so that you are able to remove the axle "C" clips? We had the car on the lift with it's innerds exposed for more than 3 hours attempting to figure out how to remove the spring. The spring is too thick to remove the axle clips without removing the spring; for that matter,even pushing in on the axles the clips are too large to be removed through the spring. We felt like :dunce: 's. Any help out there. We didn't want to just knock it out for fear of not being able to re-install it (didn't know how much tension it was holding)...Is there a special tool to compress the spring??? step is taking it back to the corral (FoMoCo). Of course the "experts" hanging out around the shop were saying just cut it out, you don't need it. Won't even go into how I feel about those suggestions....... Any help would be appreciated.