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I have a 1999 Mustang thats been sitting for some time now. Last time it startes was around 4 years ago and we haven't tried again till a week ago.

I have tried the following methods:

-Both keys
-Charging battery
-Replace battery entirely
-Unhook battery for 10 minutes
-Turn key on with door locked for 10 minutes
-Turn key on/off 10 times quickly
-Replace PATS transciever in steering column

The absolute only things I can come up with left are to replace the key, ot disconnect the aftermarket alarm system that the previous owner had installed on it.

Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance

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From the title I get the impression the theft light is on, but in the body of the thread I don't see that mentioned. If the theft light is on I would disconnect the factory and aftermarket alarm system and see if this helps. I know the 94-04 factory alarms can be finicky at times.
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