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'99 V6 Mustang 170K miles. Worth buying?

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I am new here and have been doing some research before purchasing this car. I found this Mustang on Craig's List which has caught my eye and I'm going to look at it on March 1st when I'm back in state. But before I waste any time, I want to know if it's worth buying for the mileage it has. My dad and his friend are good with car repairs and whatnot, so I won't be paying out the butt for shops etc.. so what am I in on this if I buy it? Also, I don't plan on doing any mods on it right now.

Here's some things to know:
- 170K miles.
- Automatic transmission (preference).
- Brand new alternator.
- Brand new battery.
- Brand new tires (wider in the back + chrome rims).
- Flowmaster exhaust.
- X Pipe with chrome tips.
- Brand new headlights with HID's.
- Blows cold A/C and heat.
- Has a check engine light (EGR valve needs replaced - no big deal).
- Extremely clean interior.
- Body is 8/10 (has small crack on bumper).
- The lady (owner) says it has been well kept and maintained and is her daily driver with no problems.

Is there any questions I should ask the seller beforehand?

To top that off, I'm 21 and this will be my first car. I am considered a "new driver" so I'm kind of curious about insurance on it as well (State Farm & Liability only).

Let me know and thanks! :)
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I'm going to take $2,500 and shoot a $2,100 or $2,200 offer first and go from there. But to answer my question, what are some things I may need to look forward to with it having 170K miles?
Unfortunately my 2001 got rear ended last week. It had 112,000 on it and I traded it rather than repairing it. I used the car and insurance payoff to purchase another vehicle. Anyway, with the mileage you are talking about I would check: rack and pinion, front suspension, exhaust leaks, struts and shocks, sway bar links, oil leaks, brakes, O2 sensors, etc. all of which I had replaced while my daughter drove it, up to last week when I was using it.

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