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A few questions slash problems?

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Hey im new to the forums here and im new to mustangs as well, im 18 and dont mnow much, but i have a few things that stick out to me... First of all is when i get goin to about 100kmh or more, the whole car kinda seems to shake or vibrate, you can kind of hear it but i can really feel the shifter shaking/vibrating pretty hard? :/ another is second, third and reverse gears griding, but i think that is synchhros from what ive read, and third is the idle, generally its normal at about 8-950 but sometimes after i floor it hard and spin my tires or somthing and come to a stop again, it will be revving at like 1200-1700 rmps :/ i have no idea about anythig really any input is greatly apppreciated!! Thanks
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Check your car out well before you run it hard.
If you're lucky, you may need transmission fluid, if not, a gearbox rebuild may be in your future.
Vibration could be many things, but check your universal joints, wheel balance, and condition of suspension parts.
A good factory service manual is going to be a good idea.
This forum is one of the best with some helpful people, but use the search and FAQ features to study a topic before you post.
Be patient waiting for a reply, we don't all live in front of the computer.
Good luck! Rob
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If you are not familiar with mustangs buy a manual and start reading as it will be a wealth of knowledge.

Secondly like mentioned above you need to have the suspension, steering and rear end checked out as the vibration could be from anywhere down to bad tires.

Thirdly run your codes....

DIY KOEO/KOER/Cylinder Balance Self-Test Procedure

Fourthly do a search on high idle or hanging idle as it has to do with you IAC. Good time to clean the MAF and do a tune up if it hasn't been done.
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Where can i buy a manual?
You can almost always find the Mustang Car Shop Manual for the year of car you have on ebay, or you can buy a Haynes or Chilton at most auto parts stores.
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