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A Good Mechanic

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Here is a Good Shop and Mechanic for You!

It is VERY tough these days to find a good Mustang Mechanic. I'm posting this because I found a shop that I was extremely impressed with. Just how impressed? Let's put it this way, I have owned 8 mustangs and some consider me to be an expert. In the 20 years I have owned mustangs, no one has ever worked on one for me. Until now. As most of you know, I have written many of the tech articles on this website.

Well, my business takes up all my time now and my garage is filled with parts and I just couldn't take watching my project 98 Cobra just sit there any longer. I decided to take my car to this Mustang shop for some simple bolt-ons to see well they do.

The owner (1 of 2 mechanics in this small family shop) is honest, listens to what you want, finishes work on time, competitive prices, and a super nice person to boot. Best of all, I can safely say that he knows more about Mustangs then I do. Not just the big stuff, but the little tiny details that make the difference doing an OK job and doing a "perfect" job on the Mustang.

He has now done a lot of work on my car over the past month or so. He has not given me any discounts because of AFM or me writing this little blurb. In fact, he doesn't even know I'm doing it. I rarely endorse anyone, so for me to do this is saying a lot.

It is just so hard to find a someone like this to do Mustang work, I really felt that I should let all of you know. A couple things before you contact them. He is a little higher then average on the per hour rate at $85, but this is to be expected and well worth it. Also, you need to be specific about what you want done. For example, adjusting the clutch does not mean, adjusting the stops on the shifter....etc. He does exactly what is asked so he can have the car ready for you on time. They are limited on time, so call ahead.

Anyways, here is the info.

AutoSport and Performance Escondido CA

His name is Rob
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Tominator said:
Glad to hear you found a good Mustang Mechanic, but it's getting harder and harder just to find a Ford Mechanic!

Even the Ford Factory Trained dealer mechanics know little about the very cars they work on as fas a performance mods and aftermarket installs.

Last summer a friend of a friend called me up and asked me to help him put together a Boss 302 motor....I've helped build ONE and that was 30 years ago!....This guy had 15 years in at a Ford dealership!

Maybe the current crop of mechanics are there for the money and are not 'Car Guys?'

Most of today's "mechanics" are really just parts changers.
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