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A leaky 2001 Mustang Convertible

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When my 2001 Mustang convertible sits out in the rain water collects on the floor behind the front passenger seat. I have searched inside the car and can find no evidence of where the water is coming from. The only wet area is the back floor behind the front seat on the passenger side. It collects a lot of water! Any ideas of where it might be coming from and how I can solve this problem?
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A common place for the top to leak is in the lower corners near the rear wind shield. It's right where the top folds along the bottom glass line. It's a weak spot because of constant bending when the top is raised or lowered. Look there to see if this is the leak source.
I jerry-rigged mine to drain out of the car through the wheel wells. I can try to post pics of it but my car is in my parents garage for the time being...The other two posts cover everything else I was going to say...
You can get inside your car and get a water hose and run it along your top. That would be the easiest way to find a leak. +1 to wmburns. That would be where I run the blunt force of the water first. Good luck.
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