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a9p computer problem

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have an 88 gt with a9p computer car starts and runs when you shut it off it refuses to start for another hour turns over fine but wont start put 87 computer in it works fine but lacks performance someone tapped a mass air flow harness in at the computer harness any help to use the a9p would be appreciated
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Yeah, I drove my LX around for about 8 months before I tore it down. Ran fine with the A9P computer and a 5-speed. Not sure if the computer gives you a performance boost though, I never heard that. I think the idle control strategy is a little different to account for the weight of the torque convertor or something though...whatever it is, its insignificant at best. Like I said, drove mine 8 months with no idea it had the "wrong" computer.

How you tried pulling codes? First thing you should do. There are a few codes that can show up that report something wrong with the ECU itself. Also ignition components can cause what you are seeing. Earlier this year I dealt with a dist. pickup going bad, sometimes would cause the vehicle to not start after shut down until it cooled down for a bit. look for the "erractic PIP signal" fault. Tell tale sign its the dist. or TFI module.
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