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Abs system problems

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Hi everyone, I have been having some trouble with my abs system lately. The light has been on since I bought it about a month ago. So far I have checked all the abs related fuses under the hood and under the dash, cleaned the gunk in between the wheels where it reads, and I am stumped. It could be a wheel sensor but I read that if the light is on right when I start the car then it isn't a wheel sensor, it is a wiring problem supposedly? Also my traction control button does not work, the light won't come on when I press it and I know that if the abs or traction control have a problem it affects the other one as well. Thank you!
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Do you have a mechanic you trust that have a scan tool? If so then take it to him and have him read the code and then come back and post about the code and what he says could be an issue.
I had similar issue with my 02 GT. Had diagnosed at a Ford dealer. It turned out to be a faulty abs module. Expensive part. Concur with getting your codes read and taking appropriate action.
I did use a code reader on my car and it did not throw any codes, not sure if I needed a specific tool for that or not, It will probably be awhile before I take it to a mechanic to have it read. could it be a faulty relay? theres a relay on the side of the abs module I believe but its hard to get to
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You will have to have a professional scan tool that can read more than just engine data.
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