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ac removal question

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hi everyone im thinking of removing my ac in my 90 lx can anyone tell me if its a pain in the a?? to do and if not does anyone have a brake down of how its much horse power do you think it will free up if any? thank you very much
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i dont really know how to break it down but it will free up anywhere from 7-20 hp.
Not enough to tell. With your A/C turned off the belt is only turning the pulley. In other words turn the A/C off and go drive it, same thing.
you wont notice any extra power, but the engine bay looks alot cleaner w/out all the a/c installed.
I removed the compressor and condensor and all the lines and noticed that my engine bay looks alot cleaner and the components I removed had some weight to them. I bought a a/c delete pulley and also got a flex lite fan..Its pretty simple removal process
Not difficult to do, as the other posters said, makes your engine bay look a lot cleaner..get the kit that puts your power steering where the a/c used to go. Youll benefit more from the weight decrease than being able to feel any hp increase.
I've spent a lot of time and money re-installing all the stuff previous owners tore off my car.

You won't see .05 seconds difference with or without the air conditioner on the car, and that includes the weight. The horsepower change is virtually zero so long as you turn the air off when you race. Even if you have an AC that runs (most turn off at WOT) it would barely be noticable.

The only real change is looks and hoses being in the way. You get rid of some hoses.

Myself, I enjoy having air back in my 89 LX. I've got the power seats working, the dome light, the cigarette lighter, and the power locks. I sit in my nice A/C car, roll down the tinted power windows, nod to the overheated person in the one-seat stripped out Chevy with no interior in the next lane, and then blast by him with an 11.60 second at 119 MPH pass on street tires. Life could not be finer.....unless I can get it in the 10's. :hihi:

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