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Description: The new Accel/DFI GEN VII ECU's are specifically designed for high performance engines. The fuel map, engine spark timing, acceleration fuel and all other parameters for fuel management are programmable using an IBM compatible laptop computer running windows software.
The software allows changes to be made while you are driving the vehicle. This is an awesome tool for the performance enthusiast. This system is appropriate for virtually any engine, 4, 6, or 8 cylinder. Even radical cams can be "tamed" for smoother acceleration and greatly enhance street driveability. For custom configurations FORCE can pre-program the computer before it is shipped.

The calibration will get the engine started and running. Fine tuning is then performed by the user.

These systems are appropriate for Throttle Body Injection, Tuned Port Injection and Multiport Injection. Sequential Injection mode is available with the appropriate distributor. These systems are capable of "Closed Loop" or "Open Loop" operation. Wide band O2 is an readily available option. It even features control of two stages of Nitrous with automatic engagement based on Throttle Position and RPM. Spark is automatically retarded with preset parameters.

These systems are also ideal for Turbo and Supercharged applications since you can dial in both the spark and fuel curves. Two and three bar MAP sensors are available to sense boost and adjust spark and fuel curves accordingly.

Keywords: EEC Tuner chip DFI

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