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Accelerometer (Escort G-Timer) Accuracy

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Does anyone out there use an accelerometer such as the Escort G-Timer? I have one of these and was amazed at how accurate it was. The one time I used it on an electronically timed 1/4 mile run it was only .01 second off of the actual time. The problem is that I only got to use it once at the strip because you have to push a button and wait a few seconds AFTER you're staged. When I'm staged and waiting for lights my concentration is elsewhere other that my G-Timer.

I just wondered if anyone else has compared actual ETs with the estimated ETs of an accelerometer.

Hey, 2HORSEOWNER, is that a G-Timer I see in the window of one of your horses? If so, what are your thoughts on this item?
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Mine is a Passport G2. Like you I haven't been able to get in a decent run because of the delay. The first one I did I sacrificed Reaction time waiting for the thing to tell me it was good to go. Unfortunetly, I had dialed the weight in wrong. I used GVW so it says I'm pushing 408 Horsepower :eyepoppin Not bad for a CAI, a tune and axlebacks. I left it there to scare off ricers. I use it mainly for the twisties on club runs. I've peaked at .75gs at 65 mph around curves marked 25. I like it because the button to activate the timed runs is on the plug that goes in the power point. You can put the gage way up at the bottom of the windshield and activate it without reaching too far.
2horseowner said:
I've peaked at .75gs at 65 mph around curves marked 25.
For those of you who don't know, most people start freaking out at about .44g. By the time you get to .75g most have gone in their pants.

I'm going to try again next time at the drag strip. I think if i get staged very quickly and the other guys is one of those glacially slow stagers I'll reach up and touch the button. Really, then you just forget about it. If you have to go before it "sets" then you just try next time. We'll see if i can really do it. I want to see if it was really that accurate or if my first time was just a fluke.
I have the G2 also. I don't have my Mustang yet so I haven't tested it in one, but I have used it on several different cars on (and off) the track. If it is off at all, it is only by .01. Getting horsepower is tough to get accurate, but I am just usually trying for faster quarter mile times.
I have a G-Tech Pro, I think it has an option to turn staginf off this way you can just hit the button and go when ever your ready, maybe the G2 has the same option?
The thing is really accurate especially if you dial it in. The G1 & G2 have come down in price recently making them a great deal. I think Motor Trend did a test on all the different performance computers in May? Not sure what month though.
It's a neat piece of equipment. I especially like the disclaimer that comes with it that basically says just because you have a G meter don't forget - the laws of physics still apply :laughlitt
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