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Accurate Eleanor Specs?

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I have found the Paint Codes for Eleanor(not that hard) but I cannot seem to find a place that has all the specs for Eleanor. I find different sites that have one type of body kit listed and another with a different kit, as well as different makes of lights and all sorts of inaccurate info.

Does anybody have the ACCURATE information regarding the Tech Specs on Eleanor??? Or what site or entity has the accurate info???

I recently acquired a 67' A Code Fastback for 10K from a family member and want to convert it, but I need some help as I know much more about Mod and 5.0's as opposed to classic. Someone help me find the right info!!!

Also I head about a site a while back that not only has the right info for the car straight out of the movie, but also has links to the best prices for all the parts to add on a stock Fastback. Has anyone ever heard of this site or know what its called?
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Unique Performance and Cinema Vehicles designed and built Eleanor. You can get all the body kit pieces from them or Classic Recreations.

In my humble opinion, don't we have enough of these Eleanor clones running around? It's kind of like the Torque Thrust wheels. There are just too many out there. If that's the route you want to take that's fine. Just do yourself a favor, don't do anything to the car you cannot reverse. I speak from experience on this matter. I cut up a 66' Shelby. I decided it would look better tubbed with Hoosiers tucked. The car has long since been sold, and now I kick myself everytime I see a Shelby that's intact. Original 67' - 68' fastbacks are going to start bringing big $$$ because of the amount that have been chopped up. JMO.
Hard to buy parts from a company that went under and had all assets seized and auctioned of by the government because of illegal VIN tampering (unique).
Cinema still has all the parts. They have also licensed Classic Recreations after the Unique fiasco to sell the parts and cars for that matter.
Waste of a car, if you want a fake car just build some kit car or stick with your 5.0s
No chip foose designed the car for Cinema for the remake of gone in 60 sec.Cinema was selling the body kits but Unique Performance started building them turn key.Tell they got busted changing vins and title washing.To me its a fad that's long over.I rather build this car Ringbrothers » Store and Ringbrothers » Reactor it keeps the mustangs lines and you won't see 50 of them at a car show i bet you.
can't remember the link, but you can actually buy an "Official Gone in 60 Seconds" Eleanor. 750hp will cost about 189k and 500 was about 150k I think. They also have links that you can get the parts from. Just go with google and you'll find it.
yea thanks all i found Classic Recreations...appreciate all who helped and no i wont do anything not reversible.
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