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Active exhaust issues

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Just installed aftermarket exhaust and my active exhaust worked immediately after install but now it won't properly change modes without reverting back to normal.

I know I need to take it back to get it fixed but is there anything I need to know or can do to help my problem?

Also bonus question, just installed a JLT intake without getting a tune, engine is now giving me check engine light, is it safe to drive until my tune comes in through the cloud?
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Agree with JB on lean condition regarding CAI. If so it appears those really work- more air? Try changing modes with exhaust and immediately disconnect power, see if setting will revert back. Might be in default and reboot needed.
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^^^ Isn’t that the same thing? Less velocity due to 4” tube increase I could see… would that cause less or more fuel compensation. I would think “less then“ as flow demands are met with lesser flow and less velocity with 4” intake meaning lower speed Is falsely sensed by TB? It still only has a 3.5” manifold entry and even there the matching TB throttle plate is going to be restrictive open and closing within those 3.5” confines of entry orifices?

I still never found out why some ‘13 Bosses had OEM TB spacers and others didn’t. Mine didn’t of coarse… no answers on this ever.
Think where I wrote “compensation” meant if intake detected more or less air flow would adjust fuel delivery pulse duration lean or generous. But still, looking at any aspect of larger CAI or even TB has effect of engine performance. Not saying enough to notice now but overall smoothness- running a bit better. Not worth the $$$.

Always was for more power you’d go with a tunnel ram (today’s TB spacer?) and more gas and air, within reason. Now nothing ever noted with dyno 🦕 (dino came up) tests if ram air (speed) would change air flow delivery? I say absolutely like going to “high” with a cooling fan from low speed… dynoed the car is strapped down, no wind tunnel even, what’s next…

Always go back to this idea with the masses?
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