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Actual Gas milage/GT or STI- seriously.

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2 things guys. 1- What's the true ave. gas mileage for the GT. I just dont believe that it's 21 for an 8 cyl. American car. Also, how does it feel to see a car like an STI fly by on the highway, and know that there's no way to handle/perform at that level? I want a GT sooo badly, but people assure me that I wouldn't be happy with the performance. Thanks.
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fast05stang said:
How are you guys getting 20, 21, 22, 23 mpg!!?? I have 12,000 miles on my GT and I'm averaging 17.5 mpg. I also have shorty headers, off-road x-pipe and Borla cat-back. But even w/o the off-road x-pipe, I was only at 18.2 mpg.
gotta stay out of the gas dude, sorry. Plus short trips just kill the average mileage.

I'm showing 20.8 Average MPG on my display. Mixed driving, town and highway, mostly taking it easy but I get at least three or four blasts off the stoplight per trip.
As an experiment I drove one tankfull "easy" and got 24 mpg :sleeping:
The next tankfull was all play and I got 17 mpg :tongue

when I take it easy I usually keep the revs below 2300 rpm's, there's plenty of torque. short shift, skip 2nd and 4th, coast alot. It will putt around if you let it.

"Old" Silver is just creeping up on 6,000 miles and is already a year old.
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