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Actual Gas milage/GT or STI- seriously.

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2 things guys. 1- What's the true ave. gas mileage for the GT. I just dont believe that it's 21 for an 8 cyl. American car. Also, how does it feel to see a car like an STI fly by on the highway, and know that there's no way to handle/perform at that level? I want a GT sooo badly, but people assure me that I wouldn't be happy with the performance. Thanks.
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Real-World gas mileage reports for both GT and V6 are in this thread here -summary is toward the end, third page.

Most of the GT mileage figures come from owners with manual transmissions, we didn't get a lot of feedback from the automatic owners, but the two are very close.

I looked up "STI" in Google and found "Sexually Transmitted Infections". Think I'll stay away from that.
tw0scoops123 said:
The 05 GT has to be the first sub 30k stock car to hit under 5.0 seconds with pure engine power right?(That discludes S/C, turbo's, and aftermarket stuff). True American Muscle
Waxed'05 GT said:
I guess that it is TRUE that the Stang is the ONLY car under $30K new thus far to go 0-60 in LESS than 5 seconds.
Aha! You didn't say "adjusting for inflation!"

1965 Shelby 427 Cobra - 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, cost ......$8,800.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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