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Actual Gas milage/GT or STI- seriously.

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2 things guys. 1- What's the true ave. gas mileage for the GT. I just dont believe that it's 21 for an 8 cyl. American car. Also, how does it feel to see a car like an STI fly by on the highway, and know that there's no way to handle/perform at that level? I want a GT sooo badly, but people assure me that I wouldn't be happy with the performance. Thanks.
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I have averaged 16 mpg. However, I only have 500 miles on mine and I have heard that this will increase a little once the engine is broken in. This has also been in a majority of bad stop and go traffic in the post Hurricane Katrina suburbs of New Orleans. If you are looking for an average of 20 and don't get on it all of the time, I think it would be attainable.

I was never looking at buying an STI, but I have seen a few on the road while driving my new GT. I just feel bad for those guys overpaying for that car.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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