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adjusting valves

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ok ive read all the post about adjusting valves. I have a hydraulic lifters and roller rockers. asking how others adjust theirs. I set mine at zero lash then half turn and had no compression so I left it at zero lash. compression before zero lash and after is 140-145 for each cylinder. cant load video but its on my profile. that's before I set them.
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Another thought when the dust settles on your project,...
If the valves are set too tight, vacuum will be less, compared to being set too loose. Obviously, a "hotter" cam will make less vac than a stock cam.
When all is complete, do a vac check and compare with the grinder's specs. It'll provide an indication of the settings.
Good luck .....
thanks Ken my cam is not that hot, two steps up from stock, and I don't have anything using vacuum but that a good point you have. need to get a gauge to test just to have a reference, for future issues.
The vac gauge will be a valuable tool for future diagnostics. One should be in every mechanic's war chest.
All the best for a great start.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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