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adjusting valves

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ok ive read all the post about adjusting valves. I have a hydraulic lifters and roller rockers. asking how others adjust theirs. I set mine at zero lash then half turn and had no compression so I left it at zero lash. compression before zero lash and after is 140-145 for each cylinder. cant load video but its on my profile. that's before I set them.
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Hello Shawn,
I know you are getting ready to get the car out and running
but I gotta agree - the best way to adjust the valves is
with the motor running.

As the guys are telling you - - the oil doesn't go all over the place
it dribbles - -BUT - if you get an old valve cover - -cut the tops
off and it keeps all the oil in the motor.
I would even say to buy a set on e-bay for about $30.00
and cut the top off.

I am thinking this will be an issue unless you adjust with the motor
I know this will hold you up a bit - -but in the long run it will
be worth it.
Heck - check if there is a garage around that may have an
old valve cover - you really only need one. Or try a local salvage
Gotta trust us on this one - -I think you will be happy if you do it this way - otherwise - you run the risk of loosing power, premature wear etc.

Best of Luck my friend

Print Dad
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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