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Advice on 347 stroker parts

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Whats up guys, i am building a 347 stroker and wasnt sure on a couple parts. I dont really know what pistons or what size cam to go with. I want to buy a ford racing cam but im not sure which one would work best. could anybody help me out?
Also is stock cobra upper and lower manifolds with a little porting gunna be good enough flow?
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The pistons depend on the rods you have.
Compression height is the difference.
I like the Probe versions... they are cut for both TFS TW and other inline cylinder head valve diameters up to appx 2.100".

A custom camshaft is going to give you the most performance, especially over the FMS cams. There are a few mentioned in the Ford Forums... I use Camshaft Innovations.

The intake you listed will be the performance limiting part, along with the FMS cam if that's what you choose.

These are my opinions... but they are based on facts.
from the research i have done...i found out that the 331 storoker is much more reliable and you can get the same amount of power out of it...supposidly you have to rebuild a 347stroker around 70k to 90k...just wanted to let ya know!
A 347ci sbf at 90k miles in 1320' increments turning 7200rpm is a damn fine accomplishment in my book.

Anyone who tells you a 331 will last longer than a 347 has;
1. Never built a 347ci sbf.
2. Never built a 347ci sbf correctly.
Remember... there are engine builders and there are engine assemblers.

As for a 331ci sbf making the same power as a comparably modified 347ci sbf... I'd take that bet.

Will you please post up the references found in your research? I am interested in the capability and accomlishments of those shops/builders.

Back on topic.
If you would like references for some badass performance parts and the people behind them, I'd be more than happy to post them up for you.

The value in Probe pistons... they accomodate TFS TW as well as other standard inline cylinder heads up to appx 2.100" diameter valves.
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