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AEM CAI w/ PredatorSport from RPMOutlet? 4.0l

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I just ordered this, apparently they load in some tunes to the diablosport, was wondering if anyone had tried any of these out, specifically the 93 octane one. I'll have a write up on it in a week or so i guess.

Cheers mates.
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Here is what I did yesterday. It's prolly similar:

After receiving the hand-held tuner and C&L cold air intake from U.P.S. I mounted the intake, (easy 1/2 hr. job), and removed two fuses from the engine bay. Then from the drivers seat, just above my left knee, plugged the tuner in to the port. It came to life and prompted me to turn the key on, (but not start). Then I scrolled to the tune, either the 93 octane or the 89 octane, and two minutes later it was done.
Throttle responce seems better, and I can hear the air cleaner when stepping on the gas. Like an old 4 barrel opening up. Bu-waaaaaa.
yeah I cant wait to get my CAI from JMS and also the SCT X-Calibrator 2!! Theyre gonna send it to me by this friday... cant wait to get that puppy installed!!
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