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After 6 years, finally on the road!

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Took it in for alignment and exhaust on Tuesday, and then put my first mile on the road. Last night my wife and I took it down to the gas station for its first fill up, which was a two mile round trip. Baby steps :grin:

Still have a few small things to do like seal the windshield and put the trim on, get the front bumper completely on, and fix a wire on the brake light switch. But I started on this car in 2009 and here's how it ended up.


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Congratulations Lizer, it looks and sounds amazing! If I remember correctly you were talking about a 1969 Mach1 a while back and you were thinking about picking it up, just wondering if you pursued it or not?
Oh yeah, that R code 428 SCJ drag pack Mach happily resides in my shop, on the other side of the wall from this one :grin:


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Looks great,congrats!!
I love your Mustang! WOW!
Sweet looking ride. Congratulations.
what exhaust system is that?
size pipe, muffler? headers?
Thanks guys. It's been a labor of love and is so fun to drive, yet nerve wracking at the same time!!

Exhaust is Patriot ceramic tri y headers, Slowmaster 40 series Delta flow, and 2.25" aluminized pipe with H pipe. The system was a custom install and everything is welded and fit perfectly. Very symmetrical underneath.

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That's a nice takes time to do em right, so when it's time to enjoy, you really can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Lizer,
WOW - - I am really happy to see you on the road.
I think back on a few of the trials and issues you overcame
and I must say - -The car looks amazing.

It is good to know there are people like you that stick with a project
to the end. The car looks amazing - I recall the ride with the
"red-neck" gas tank - -you have come a LONG way.

You deserve a lot of credit for a great looking car.
I wish you and your wife many many years of fun safe driving

Wow - -am I really writing something serious to one of the top
jokers - - You must have a huge grin and a great sense of satisfaction

Print dad - -
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Hello Lizer,
I just happened to come across another picture
of your car - -I think it was during hunting season.
Thought perhaps others may enjoy this

YOU are the MAN - congrats



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hahahahaha! That's awesome and so hilarious Pizzly Dizzly! I am saving that one! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement over all the years. I am a goofball, but when I'm out there in the shop I'm very serious about my car hobby to do it as best as I can and preserve a little history to last for another lifetime. I am very proud of it, I did everything myself except the rear half of the headliner, the transmission rebuild, exhaust and aligment, and a quarter panel and tail light install, which it had to go on the frame rack for.
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Hello. :) Congratulations, Josh. The car is beautiful. Sounds nice, also. You should be very proud of yourself. :)
From a lurker of the Classic section.......Beautiful. Love the color combination.
Great job Lizer. The car looks great and your knowledge of restoration is right up there. Great job and congrats!

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Looks awesome! Absolutely perfect
Hi again. :) So, how's it going on the 69? Are we done yet? :jester:
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Veronica I am doing a full gut kitchen remodel starting in a few weeks, and then I need to finish the second story of our house, which is completely unfinished (no plumbing, wiring, framing, anything...) before I start any new toys. So the 69 must wait, but I bought it now so I could have it. Then I have grandpa's 69 F250 to start on....then my old faithful 78 LTDII to do again...

It is perplexing why, in 20 years and three owners before me, nobody has ever taken the initiative to finish the second story to this house. I'm kind of glad they didn't, frankly, because all the work everywhere else has been shoddy.
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Hi again. :) Ouch. Kitchen remodels are fun. We did that a while back. New cabinets, granite countertops and backsplashes, All new appliances, etc... We cheated, though. I went online, plus asked people I knew, which company did absolutely the best work around, and had them do it. They also did our master bathroom. They tore out that entire corner of the house. Roof, bricks, all wiring and plumbing, and redid everything. Two weeks later hurricane Ike came through and an enormous oak tree that was in our back yard tomahawked that side of the house. :eek: Fortunately, it barely missed my brand new, $48K bathroom and crushed a bedroom and tore up my 8ft cedar fence instead. :)
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