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Aftermarket gauges

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Hello Everyone!

I'm in the process of buying a 2005 convertible GT. I had the dealer install a few goodies, the biggest of which is a Saleen supercharger! :eyepoppin I need to get gauges for boost and intercooler temp but don't like the Saleen gauges. Has anyone seen any A-pillar pods for a 2005 convertible? I've been looking like crazy and found one for a hardtop but when I called they said it wouldn't fit the convertible. I've found gauges I like, Autometer Nexus 2 1/6", but I need a place to put them that will look good! Please help me if you can. Thanks.
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I have the nexus guages and they are awesome!..Definately get them!...They are pricey , but totally worth it.Love how they cange colors to match with the IUP, or porgrammable to your liking...very cool.You can try or mustang racing technologies.They have a pod mount that goes on the dash in the center if you would like something like that...I have mine in the pillar, but it is not a 'vert so maybe that may be your only option..Hope this helps:tongue :cool:
also look at mrt , good stuff there too.
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