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Aftermarket Stereo

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Has anyone purchased an aftermarket stereo that fits in the dash without cutting it up. I'm interested in a stereo with either Sirus or XM built in. I have a Shaker 1000 system in my mustang. Anyone have any ideas?
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Here is another thread along the same lines not much action on the thread yet though. TMS has several threads on replacement head units with pictures if you want to search around over there.

To answer your question, there are plenty of double din units on the market that will fit. Kenwood ( what I have ), Eclipse, and Pioneer all have nice double din units. All are satellite radio ready. Then with a dash install kit you can put just about any single din unit in there that you want.

Why would you have to "cut it up"? Actually, the hole is bigger than any of the head units on the market.
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