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Air conditioning problem?

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The air conditioning has not been as cold as I feel it should be. My mother's Chrysler 300 and girlfriends Equinox blows much colder air than mine. Idling in traffic would result in luke-warm air only slightly cooler than ambient. The only way I get cold air is while driving on recirculating air (MAX AC).

I'm a full time college student with only a part-time job, so bringing it in to a mechanic and paying $100 to tell me whats wrong with it is not an option.

Does this sound like it's just low on freon?
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Low freon would be my guess also. They sell a kit with a hose and can of freon for $20.00 at auto parts stores. The only bad thing is you do not know how high the pressure in the system is. If you raise the pressure too much it could cause more issues. I would try one can and see if that works,if not have it checked by a tech. I had same issue last year and I did this and it works great,good luck.
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