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Air conditioning problem?

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The air conditioning has not been as cold as I feel it should be. My mother's Chrysler 300 and girlfriends Equinox blows much colder air than mine. Idling in traffic would result in luke-warm air only slightly cooler than ambient. The only way I get cold air is while driving on recirculating air (MAX AC).

I'm a full time college student with only a part-time job, so bringing it in to a mechanic and paying $100 to tell me whats wrong with it is not an option.

Does this sound like it's just low on freon?
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I work on auto ac a lot and you are working with a low charge. You need to find out where its leaking. A good way thats free is to look for oil. If you have a leak you will see and or feel oil where the leak is. I have to say that 90% of any leaks I find are at one of the two valve stems. If you take the caps off listen real close for air leaking out. If you hear a lil air coming out or see oil then thats the leak. Easy and cheap fix. You need to buy a can of r134a with the gauge already on it. Its too hard to screw anything up with the gauge that says where to stop charging. Hope this helps.
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