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Air intake/hood insert modification feedback wanted

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Forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. I'm new. I have a 1996 3.8 V6 and was wondering, could I remove the freeze plugs from the upper plenum and run a couple tubes from the two plug spots to the Hood inserts to act as a sort of cold air intake? I've heard they would both need MAF sensors and some kind of rain guard or drain but I'd like to hear some other opinions before I go and try this.
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wouldnt work because like you said any air going into the engine needs to go through the maf. otherwise it's a giant vacuum leak and you'll run lean.
Air filter bypass
Throttle body bypass
Cold air
Ram air
Dual maf

Setup should be good for a solid 100 HP gain
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So I guess the real question is can I put more than one MAF in, or will I have to run the tubes through my filter. I'm guessing the latter would be much more practical. So I guess I'll go that direction. I'll post on here if I get the chance to do it soon, and we'll see what happens.
i strongly recommend against doing this.
Well I mean it will definitely be reversible. I might as well try it if it won't do permanent damage. I don't think so anyways. And running it through the existing MAF sound decently promising.
it really wont do anything. the MAF has a fixed cross section, and with that, is only capable of flowing a certain amount. no amount of extra flow tubes before or after that will change the air that can go through the MAF itself.
I like the plumbing to the freeze plug idea better. The filter, MAF and throttle body are very restrictive.
I would definitely do the freeze plug thing but without being able to hook it up to an MAF the car won't give enough gas to give with all that extra air. That's really all that is stopping me from doing it that way.
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