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air pump?

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do I need this, and if I take it out will I notice more power.the only thing is that I live in Vancouver bc and I got that damn air care emissions test and Im not sure if I need it to pass.I was going to take it out and get a smaller belt but I just couldnt figure out how the belt was supposed work without the air pump...mabey I just gave up on that idea too quickly.I guy told me to do this and he said he just poped the two front plug wires of before he went to air care and ran it through like it was a 6 cyl?
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so ive heard if u get your car up to oppewrating temp the air pump does nothing any more its only when u first start the car. u wont notice any power increase really just weight loss and if u take the 2 front plugs off ur engine listen to how it runs if it does at all it will miss really bad if it even runs
well dude;i can tell you that if you remove the air pump you will need a 76 inch belt and might as well remove the entire emissions.dont forget to plug the rear of the heads.
dont know about that story of removing two plug wires to pass the sniff test,dont sound right.regarding hp gains,no more than 2hp.
That is false. The Thermactor system operates at ALL temperatures. The only time it is not pumping air into the exhaust system is at wide-open throttle (WOT) or prolonged periods (more than two minutes) at idle.

If you have an emissions test then all emissions control components are surely required to be accounted for and functioning correctly. If you have any questions about what is or isn't required, contact an AirCare authority.
Brendin said:
I've heard if you get your car up to operating temp. the air pump does nothing anymore, it's only when you first start the car.
sounds like a hole lot of hassle for 2 hpr gain and a little bit of weight gone...SCREW IT!!!

thanx, pavich
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