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Air-To-Air Intercooler Cool down idea?

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My friend has a WRX with an air-to-air intercooler right under his hood scoop, and he says when its really raining hard out and the intercooler gets all wet his car runs better and quicker, obviously getting more cooling from the water. He then told me his friend with an STI has some jets of water that shoot onto his intercooler with the push of a button, and I got to thinking if that would be beneficial to a procharger intercooler, since its quite a bit bigger. I think rigging something would be fairly easy to shoot some jets of water onto the intercooler, just get some wiper nozzles (not sure if that’s the correct term, the little things that spray your wiper fluid) and rig them to some kind of pump and just have a switch that turns on and off the pump mounted in the car. It's probably more trouble then its worth and I'm just thinking out loud here, but anyways I'd be interested in what you all have to say. Thanks.
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yea they actually use CO2... see, its ogrinally made for nitrous+tubo applications. as the nitrous shoot thru the engine, it heats up (duh!) add in a turbo, and the heat is extra high. so they make a CO2 setup where you wire an oval like tube right in front of the intercooler. this ube has tiny holes in it. as you engage the N2O, the CO2 is set to flow at the same time. the CO2 travels thru its own piping and is blasted right onto the radiator. now you can use water of course but a CO2 app works better. and heres why, in case you didnt know... :gringreen haha, ok whos ready for a chemistry lesson?? :gringreen ok, well, CO2 is a gas, so its naturally (for the most part at least) go to be colder at room temp than H2O. now you can actually compress this gas. (dry ice is actually compress edCO2.) now as you compress the CO2 gas it drops it temperature. and now that its under pressure, you can bottle it, just like a CO2 tank on a paintball gun. now going back to the point, obviously shooting a very cold gas right onto you intercooler will lower your engine, oil, and turbo temps, and because the temps are lower, your car is going to run better! well, i hope somebody has learned a little bit from the post.... if not then, for the record, i DO indeed admit to how badly i sound like a total nerd. haha, thats all the chemistry lessons i have today!:D:D haha!
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Sorry but your not a ricer dont do that mod lol

Ricer's will do any thing including bolting a hair dryer to there intake to add more air flow lol.

The amount of C02 and the time it would have to spray to cool down your IC to make any change would not even be cool. You would waste an entire bottle for a 5hp difference lol

Sorry if it sounds like I am flaming but I have a pretty stout Procharger system making some good power and my A2A IC has no issues with temperature. Of course you want to let it cool down between runs but the amount of weight the system would be compared to the gain it would give you would cancel out each other.

If you want added boost from spray get laugh gas and a built motor. There are plenty of other mods that will improve your cars performance allot more then that.

I have heard of people taking there bottles though and flipping them upside down and spraying there IC before a run at the track but you have to really put down a bunch of that bottle to cool it down its not like you can sit in your car and just do a pshh sphshh with a button and get the O SH!T feeling in your pants.

If you need help improving your Procharger system PM me I have built a P1 System that will push 700rwhp once I am done.
tached... man i couldnt aggree with you any more! haha, yea, i never told him to pop that $h!t on to his 'stang! i was jsut saying it. notice this water pump stiff is on a SUBARU.... hmmmm:headscratch: haha! no, man i take well to criticism, so dont worry! and the WRX performs better when its raing?? ok, well a mustang is ALWAYS performing at its top! now i do have to say that this is ricer but i have seen these apps on pro autocross cars before. i have even seen one on a mustang. other than that, i agree with you 110%. but if you have the $$$ to blow on that, then more power to you right? IMO, theres nothing better than a supercharger. period.
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