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Alaska Members - Check In Here!

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Area members, check in here....
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Hi from Anchorage:wavey
Hi from Fairbanks, didn't even know there was an Alaskan thread.
Hi from Fairbanks, didn't even know there was an Alaskan thread.
For those in Alaska, there is talk of resurecting a mustang owners club in Anchorage. Not sure where it is going yet but there are a lot of cars in town of all years and some enthusiasts.
Was in Fairbanks over the summer and saw some cool ones there too.
To all interested owners in this state lets see if we cant get this going.
Im running on snow tires with studs so watch out for white mustangs (Alaskan camo) :bigthumbsup
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Hello from Wasilla, ak
stationed in fairbanks

i am stationed in fairbanks, and i dont recall ever seeing that many mustangs or car shows for that matter. if there are some please post here so i can stop by when i get back.
Check out the custom shops on 5th in Anchorage. They have Mustangs going through there all the time. BTW I was stationed there for a little over three years.
Hello, I'm in Eagle River. I have a Lightning also. Just picked up a '89 mustang 4 shooter, mods for a 5.0 are already in play for next summer.

Hey from Anchorage, 17 an rebuilding a 65 mustang coupe :kooky:
Thank God, there is others here. I just moved up here from the lower 48 and figured I was by myself. Anywho, hello from Wasilla. :bigthumbsup
Hey, im in Wasilla too...there used to be an active club - 2 actually. Classic Mustangs of Alaska was the one i was involved in. We had a car show in the Northway Mall every June...had 20-25 cars. Was lotsa fun. That was in 1989 thru 1992. I heard that they both clubs just went away due to lack of interest. I got a '66 Coupe that's all original. Havnt got a pic of it up yet, since i just signed up here last night. Ken
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Check out the local car shows, they start about late May with the Corvett show at SAMS Club in the Northway Mall. usually a few mustangs turn up. We had a lot at the Midnight Sun Show & Shine in August. There is interest in a club but it is going very slowly.
Newbie From Anchorage

This my first mustang and very impressed! A mustang owners club would be pretty cool.

2011 GT
For anyone interested
August 7 - 9 am to 5 pm
32nd Annual Jay Ofsthun Memorial Show & Shine
on the Anchorage Park Strip
This is an annual event with a good turnout of Mustangs and other makes. Probably the best show of the Summer.
starting a club

Just getting the word out that we are starting a club here in Alaska!! 6 of us did a cruise from Wasilla to Girdwood last weekend. I am doing an email list right now, and you can find us on facebook by searching for "Alaska Mustang Club". So far we have mostly classics, but all Mustangs are welcome. Hopefully I will get a website up soon.

I started this mainly to get a network set up for knowledge and parts, but we will see where this goes...
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OK guys, its almost the middle of March, lets get them Mustangs out. I seen an orange Camaro out today. The subd. roads in Wasilla are still snowy and slippery but the main roads are dry. Just be careful of the other guy when driving on the slippery spots.

Mines not out playin' yet, but this weekend it will be. :yup:

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Ok, an update - its going to be cold for another 2 weeks. Hopefully, we will get some driving in before April! :yup:
New guy

Palmer Alaska My 69 mustang grande is a project car that i am hoping to get drivable before summer is over. LOOKING FOR PARTS IN AK.


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Spring Time in Alaska! Mustangs and mosquitoes emerge. See ya on the road everyone.:bigthumbsup
Anchorage mustang club!

Hey guys I'm living in Anchorage, I have a 04 Sonic Blue Mustang GT 40th Anniversary. Would love to start a mustang club here in Alaska. I work at Worthington Ford as a full time tech, I have some buying power and would love to get all of you AK stang owners together! Please expand on this guys, let's get something going :)
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