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Alternator Bracket?

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Is there a place online that sells an alternator bracket for a 1999 Mustang GT? I have looked everywhere and havnt had any luck finding one.

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What do you need an alternator bracket for?

Junkyard is my advice!
the damn bracket on the top of the alternator is missing, i bought the car and never realized it until my belt broke..i dont know if the 1998 models have the same set up, i know they made some changes on the 1999 model. But if you look at a 99-04 4.6l enigne, on the very top of the alternator, theres a bracket/brace that sets on top to hold the alternator down if the belt snaps, when my belt snapped..the damn alternator jumped on top of my enging under the hood because it didnt have that brace holding it scared my belts gona snap again and my alternator mite do some damage this time, i was lucky when it snapped when the car was idling, i would have been screwed if i had been doin 65 down the road and my alternator jumped up like that..

And ive been to almost every junk yard, no one has one around here..i need to find one online
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You can see that a bracket is suppost to sit rite on top of it.


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