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alternator brackets

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I have a 64.5 289 with a generator, the generator is bad so I am replacing it with an alternator. The problem is that I can't find alternator brackets for it anywhere, my car has air conditioning. If anyone knows where I can get them I sure would appreciate it
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Alternator brackets are available from many vendors, like these:
Mustang Alternator Brackets 260/289/302 Black 1964-1969 | CJ Pony Parts
Glazier/Nolan Mustang Barn Online Store
Mustangs Unlimited - The Premier Source for Mustang, Shelby and Cougar Parts and Accessories

I expect you'll also need a bolt kit with at least one spacer (the big one). These kits are available from the above vendors. But you might have to experiment to get the belt aligned with the pulleys -- my local Ace Hardware has lots of bolts & smaller spacers.

Maybe someone with experience will chime in with exact details.

More ideas:
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Generators are no big deal to fix, if it hasn't been overheated to where the solder is slung off the commutator, then it probably needs brushes and the commutator cleaned, and maybe bearings, all of these are easy. The only other problem could be the regulator, and again it is no big deal. If you do replace it with a alternator, you might want to consider saving the old parts and brackets, in case you ever decide to sell it, being a 64.5 generator car, the new owners might want to put it back to original condition. Also depending on the alternator you want to use 1g,2g, 3g (Mustang Monthly has a good article on these), there is wiring involved, and your instrument panel has a gen bezel and you will have to change the panel to one with a alt bezel if you want it to reflect the change. My 2 cts. Good Luck.
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