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Alternator Question 1990 Mustang 5.0L

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So today I was out for a drive when my battery light came on in the dash, also the voltmeter was reading really low but not completely off. I made it home ok but now I possibly need a new alternator.

I took the liberty of reading up on the nice little 3G conversion for Foxbodies, and I think I can pull it off myself, but I'm curious about a few details:

1. Do I just walk up to the parts counter and ask for an alternator for a 94-95 mustang?

2. Is it a 1 wire alternator or.....?

3. Is a 3G alternator much more expensive than a foxbody alternator?

Thanks so much guys, I appriciate any help!

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Yes you can just walk up to the parts counter and ask for the 94-95 alternator, no it is not a one wire alternator I do believe it will have a thick battery cable run to it, and 2 other wires, search the forum there is a write up on it. Yes the 3G alternator is more money than a stock fox alternator. In my opinion if you got a stock cooling fan and no crazy stereo and dont plan on changing that then the stock one is fine
Cool, that makes sense, I'm essentially stock right now, so I guess I can get away with a stock replacement for now anyway. Is there a "heavy duty" version of the foxbody alternator that can be used as opposed to doing the 3G conversion? I've only seen a few on jegs and summit, but they're just as much, if not more expensive. Does anyone think it's worth testing my old alternator or just buy a new one and stick it in? (assuming this is the problem)
94 alt is $100, Then you need 6ft of 4 ga wire and a 100a fuse with two 4 ga ring conn. Cut the white wire install a blue female end and plug into the alt. Plug in the factory harness that fits. Tape off the two left over 10ga wires and run the 4ga from alt to battery. As simple as that. :bigthumbsup Total cost $130
it's worth it to have the alternator tested, but i think you may be right in assuming it's the problem... i ran a stock replacement alternator with two electric fans, a head unit, two amps, and one sub with no problems at all... i'm not saying the 3g isn't a good upgrade, just not necessary for a lot of people IMO
Hey guys, I had my alternator/starter specialist look at my alternator, it turns out the brushes were gone. The slip rings were scored a bit but not dammaged, so a new set of brushes and $25 later I was on my way. Everything seems to be working AOK now!
I would have done the 3G, the stock Alt is barely adequate.
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